Caris Welding Limited has worked diligently to source the very best systems
from around the world, to install in your new or existing operations.
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In order to accommodate the demand for improved animal welfare, Caris Welding Ltd. offers Nedap Livestock’s electronic individual animal identification systems.

The Electronic Sow Feeding system produced by Nedap is the perfect solution to your group sow housing needs. It carefully controls the amount of feed each sow is given and makes this feed available around the clock so that animal aggression is greatly reduced. Sows are happier and healthier.

The Heat Detection and Sow Separation units work seamlessly with the ESF system.Reduce open sows as the Heat Detection station automatically sorts, marks and removes a sow in heat. Sorting sows becomes effortless as the Sow Separation unit will recognize and direct your sows to a designated area for breeding or farrowing.

Build your barn with the system in mind, or have us design a layout for your existing barn to make the best use of the space you already have. Also available though Nedap are Farrowing Feeding, Pig Sorting and Pig Performance Testing.




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